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    Negative Space Painting

    YouTube is such an amazing resource for learning just about anything from changing your brake lights to speaking a new language and (of course) learning art techniques as well. These paintings were done using a technique I saw on the @makoccinos channel. The idea of this technique is to start with the lightest color and then keep painting the negative space that’s around the shape you want in an increasingly darker shade. You end with the darkest color and layers and layers of paint underneath which gives the finished painting so much depth. © Ammara Cokar 2019

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    Healthy Cauliflower Rice

    Cauliflower rice is an amazing grain-free, low-carb and paleo-friendly rice alternative. It’s healthy, delicious and a secret way to get more veggies into your diet. Also, this healthy cauliflower rice recipe is packed with veggies and easily can be made in just 10 minutes in your own kitchen.  How To Make Cauliflower RiceEasily, you can rice the cauliflower yourself using your food processor. It’ll take only 10 seconds. First of all, separate the cauliflower florets from the head of your cauliflower.Grate your cauliflower florets using a box grater or you can use the grater attachment on your food processor. To add flavor to the cauliflower rice, Sauté ½ an onion…

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    Art Journal Page- Grey Flowers

    I haven’t shared much of my art journal in a long little while. This is a fairly old page that I did with paints that were leftover after working on another painting. My intention was to get something onto the page, anything really to get the creativity flowing. I went over the paints with a black gel pen to give the flowers some rough outlines and finish it off. I’ve now fully completed working in this art journal and started a new one which is much larger, lays open flat, and has cream colored pages. It’ll be fun exploring and playing with that journal and I look forward to sharing…

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    Surinamese Javanese Style Saoto Soup (Updated)

    I used to have this soup back in Holland and I’ve been trying to find a recipe that tastes similar to the soup in that little Indonesian shop by the market… I have to say that this one comes pretty close. A few of these ingredients were tough to find here, but since there are so many- I think its OK if you skip some.

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    Thailand Phetchaburi Road

    I had been in Bangkok a few days and I had a couple hours to kill so I asked the cab driver to take me anywhere nice. I had no idea where I was going or where I ended up at the time but he dropped me off in what looked like a bustling shopping area. I looked across the street and saw an insane amount of people as well as electric/phone cables so I just pointed my camera and snapped a quick photo. Little did I know, I was taking a painting class years later and my teacher told me to paint something from a photograph I took myself.…