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Art Journal- Make Time to Create for Yourself

Summer’s tend to be a very busy time of year generally and with fall settling  in my schedule slowly starts to get back to a more manageable pace.  That’s when I got to thinking and realized it’s been way too long- I haven’t been art journaling or creating for myself in a very long time. Working at the studio I get a chance to paint almost every week but I haven’t been taking the time out to create or paint for myself.  This page was made as kind of a commit to making the time to art journal, experiment, create and play again.  Let’s see how well this goes.
The background of this page was started off with random swipes of purple and blue paint that was left over from an old painting that I was working on.   I don’t like to waste paint so any time I have any leftovers I just brush them onto an empty page of an art journal in random patterns and those eventually get turned into journal pages.

I then used some blue paint to create a small pattern with swipes of paint going across the page in rows.  While the background dried I cut some bits of scrapbook paper into various shapes to be used as bulbs for the flowers. The rest of the lines/patterns  on the flowers, as well as the stems of the flowers, were made using both paint pens and gel pens.

© Ammara Cokar 2017

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