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Art Journal- Circles

My art journal has been neglected in the past little while so I’ve been trying to make it a point to give it a little bit more attention.  This is a place where I can freely play with different mediums and just let the creativity flow not worrying at all about what the finished product will look like before I begin.  This page here is just layers and layers of paint that started off by cleaning a wood grain stencil that I had used on another project.  The stencil had a lot of ink spray left on it (I hate wasting supplies) and for that reason, I keep my art journal nearby to wipe excess materials off onto a random page which can later be a starting point for a journal page.
The blue on this page is acrylic or craft paint followed by a layer of white gesso topped off with pen outlines.  When I have no clue what to make i try things like repeating patterns, layering paint, and doodling flowers. The main purpose of the journal is to just DO SOMETHING and  hopefully that in turn inspires creativity to come knocking.
© Ammara Cokar 2018

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