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Art Journaling 101 Class

My first Art Journaling workshop was this morning, and I think I was over ambitious on what I thought we could get done in 4 hours.  I spent years and years learning so many techniques and it was just too much for just one 4 hour long class.  We did however manage to get through 3 pages each.
I love how even though the processes were the same, each page looks so different from the other showing each student’s individuality.

For the first page the students used tissue paper and stamps to create their background.  The quotes that the girls used were all so meaningful starting from the top left:
” Thinking positive is the first major step on the path to tranquility”

” If you fear the future, try thinking about what you can do about the situation, rather than focusing on what you can’t”

“Kindness and consideration are never wasted”

“What you seek is seeking you”

On the second page I had the students use stencils and mists, and then I gave them poetry tiles (tiles with random words on them) to be used on the pages.

One came up with a whole phrase:
“Fleeting heart dreaming of the flight awakened into stillness and light”

“Happy bright thoughtful morning”

Others used the tiles to scatter random words around their pages.  The first one below also has a quote on it:
” Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be”
For the final page, I wanted to teach the girls some more techniques with pastels, paints, and cutting letters from a magazine.
I had so much fun teaching these techniques, the 4 hours went by very quickly.  If you, or anyone you know, would like to take art journaling classes from me, so long as you have a group of at least 4 people I do small in-home classes as well.  Just contact me!
© Ammara Cokar 2014

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