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Baby Blanket

I’m going to start adding a new category to this blog- contributions.  This category includes contributions to this blog from other people who like to do arts/crafts types of things.
So, for the first contribution, I  wanted to share this beautiful baby quilt that my sister Dr. MC made for a friend’s baby.  The embroidery was done using an embroidery machine and the rest of the quilting was done by machine/hand.  The neutral colors  work well for when you don’t know the gender of a child.  The end result is gorgeous and it’s definitely a keepsake for the baby.


  • Shelley C

    Of all the crafts/arts you do, this is one I can do..quilt. You are so talented in so many arenas! I’d love to try my hand at watercolors, but I don’t have any skill with drawing or painting..just love the way they look. You did a fine job on that little quiltlette 🙂 My grandbabies all get a blanket after they are born…I’m up to 16 now!

    • Amm's Art

      Thank you for your kind comments. I didn’t actually make this quilt, it was made by my sister- textiles, sewing, and quilting is really a field that I need to learn a lot more in. Don’t be intimidated by drawing…there are a lot of abstract paintings that you can try out to get the hang of painting before you attempt more drawing type paintings. Once you get over the initial fear of picking up that brush you may discover that you love painting, and who knows- maybe you’re really good at it naturally!

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