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Henna Class

I had another Henna class this past Saturday.  This time around, the girls had previous experience with henna and one of the girls was actually a cake decorator so she’s had plenty of experience playing with cones/piping bags.  For those reasons, the class moved along much quicker than the usual- with time to spare at the end.  I didn’t really know how to fill the extra time other than to let the girls go ahead and do as much henna as they liked.
This first hand was done by the baker and you can see that she has a beautifully steady hand with the henna cone.
I actually did this next one for one student.
The following hand was done by my youngest student so far, she is 14.  She came up with a very intricate design.
And this final hand was done by her mom.
© Ammara Cokar 2014


  • arliss levine

    I would like a lesson. Time, place and charge? Im artistic and will have no trouble catching on
    arliss, Arliss 4032530809

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