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Mixed Media Painting- Exposed Sub-conscience

I have been completely MIA for so many months, life has gotten so busy juggling two jobs, family, friends, and I’m currently in the middle of two of my best friend’s weddings.  I need to not only make the intention to create more but I need to carve out time in my schedule to actually do it.

Here is a piece that I worked on quite some time ago but I never got around to posting.  This is a mixed media work that has some bits of Thai newspaper scattred through it, silver foil, a number of acrylic mediums, as well as artificial pearls.

You may recognize the henna/mandala patterns on this canvas which are similar to pieces that I did in the past. I’ve taken the designs to another level by incorporating techniques that I use in my art journal and bringing them to life on canvas.

My process involves lots and lots of layers which help give the paintings dimension, texture and depth.  I will continue to use these techniques on canvas more often because this is a look that I really like.

© Ammara Cokar 2017

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