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Painted Rocks

As children, my sister and I once painted some rocks and tried to sell them for about 10 cents each to neighborhood kids on a makeshift stall as opposed to a lemonade stand.  My parents ended up telling us to give them away for free though, teaching us to be more generous.

Now, I’m going to draw on rocks and try to sell them all over again!  The first batch I tried were drawn on with sharpies and then baked in an oven for about an hour to make the sharpie permanent (because, according to Pinterest that’s supposed to work).  This proved to be yet another Pinterest fail for me because when you rub these stones the paint comes right off.  I think I need to coat them with some sort of varnish to make the drawings stay put.

For the next batch, I painted the stones white and then drew on them with sharpies, these held up better.
I also tried painting the henna designs onto the rocks directly with a tiny paint brush.  This method was much more time consuming but the result is quite pretty I think.
Having shown these rocks to a few people now different people prefer/like different ones.  I myself like the dark rocks with the white henna design painted directly onto to its surface.
© Ammara Cokar 2014

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