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Balance – Mixed Media Canvas

Mixed media is one of my favorite things.  This is a busy colorful canvas made with acrylic, magazine pictures, and book pages.  I started off with a canvas that was painted while teaching a class at the studio and I really just started working without knowing where the painting was going to go.  I took some of the colors that were on the original painting and I added more of the same colors around the canvas randomly.
I added some torn book pages onto the canvas with mod podge and then added some other lines with an old card dipped in white and yellow paint.  I also made white circles by dipping a bottle cap into some white paint and using it like a stamp.  The magazine pictures that I used came out of a National Geographic.

It’s so fun to work without any expectations of where the piece is going to go, just let go and start putting paint down and seeing what it turns into.   It’s important to let go and just go with the flow and experiment, it’s a great way to stumble upon things that you might not normally do but end up liking and using again.

​​© Ammara Cokar 2018

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