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Follow the Light – Mixed Media Canvas

Life can throw plenty of dark or hard times at us, we all have our own demons and struggles. I don’t often talk about the meaning behind my work, often times I start working on my Mixed Media pieces having no idea what they will turn into. This piece however, I feel the need to speak about. I’ve chosen to represent a journey through hard times on this canvas. Difficulties are represented here by the dark rainy cloud, but within that rain there’s always some beauty that can be found in the form of lessons learnt, finding out who’s really there for you and growing as a person. No matter what, there’s always SO much to be grateful for and sometimes you just need to focus and block out all the noise to see it.
I like to think of myself as a positive person, constantly looking for that silver lining which can be hard to see through all the chaos of emotions, depression, feeling unworthy, and the mountains of inevitable anxiety. The lighthouse here represents a guide, a light to follow in all that chaos and darkness or you can also think of your North Star as an anchor also guiding you towards healing, peacefulness, and contentment.

For me my North Star is my faith, gratitude, connecting with others, working through the pain, taking care of myself, and most definitely my creativity. I create because I love it, I love trying out new techniques and experimenting with all sorts of mediums. Making things with my hands is the one thing that I can do for hours on end and forget about all of my worries because the only thing I care about at that time is what’s in front of me and the present moment. Not to sound dramatic but I can honestly say that having a creative outlet has saved me from some of the darkest moments in my life.

What is your North Star or guiding light? What do you do to escape from or work through life when it gets rough? It’s so important to have that something. As a final note I’d like to send out lots of love and support to anyone struggling with anything right now, I honour your struggle and I want you to know that you’re not alone.
​© Ammara Cokar 2018

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