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Kaaba Abstract

It’s currently the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims who fast from pre-dawn until sunset. Where I live that’s approximately from 3:30 am until 9:40 pm these days.  Fasting isn’t just about not eating- it’s like spiritual training that we go through to build will power, improve our character, really be mindful and aware of those people that are less fortunate than us.  We don’t consume food or drinks during the day along with abstaining from a lot of other things such as backbiting, anger, vulgar language etc.  Ramadan is also a month in which we give more charity and volunteer more of our time to the less fortunate.  I’ve read in many places that it takes 21 days to form a habit and I feel like fasting for an entire month really helps build habits that are meant to carry you through the rest of the year.
This abstract painting is of the Kaaba which is usually synonymous with Hajj, or pilgrimage which Muslims will go to in about two months’ time.  People also go to mecca year round and the crowds are especially large during the month of Ramadan.   The circles around the Kaaba represent the people that are circumambulating the Kaaba together in harmony and unity while praising and worshiping the One God.
I’ve added some texture onto this piece through gold foil on the Kaaba itself and some modeling paste and glass beads in the crowd of people.  The glass and foil look particularly pretty when reflecting light.
© Ammara Cokar 2018

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