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Watercolor Bird

Summer has been really busy and I was looking forward to fall but that lasted about three days max here in Calgary this year. There’s been snow falling starting sometime yesterday and it’s expected to continue to fall right into tomorrow afternoon. It’s way too early for this and I know it won’t last but it’s shocking how easily I seem to forget what winter feels like once it’s gone. I’m not sure if this is a coping mechanism or that I just have really bad short term memory, but I don’t mind forgetting what winter feels like especially when commuting.

I haven’t been doing as many paintings in my water color book as of late, but I’ve been missing this medium and I want to get back into exploring it more. With the weather changing I”ll have more time to spend on building up my techniques and skills. This bird was a study of a photograph that I found online. It was fun adding the layers of color and the little smudges and splashes of color at the end really helped to tie the piece together.

I’m not really sure what to call him but I feel like he needs a name.

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