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Watercolor Practice- Repeating Shapes

I am still trying out more techniques with my watercolor painting.  In both of these paintings I tried taking a shape and repeating it around the page in various sizes.  I’m naturally very drawn to both jewel tones and to blues and cool colors and I find that these colors automatically keep creeping back into much of my work.

In both of these paintings I used a wet-on-wet technique which involves wetting the paper before putting down the watercolors.  This creates a really neat effect with the paint where it spreads in the already wet part of the paper and the colors bleed/blend into one another.

I let this first piece dry and then added some pen ink outlines around the hearts, as well as white dots that I made with acrylic paint around the page.

For this second one I played with feather shapes, I think I’ll probably try out more feathers in different shapes and colors because I’m loving the look of them.
The more time I spend with a new medium the more comfortable I become.  At first I was just following a number of YouTube tutorials, but now I’ve become a little braver and started to make stuff up on my own.  I love this stage of the process.  The main thing I find when learning something new is to keep the momentum going, and be consistent.  Everything else just falls into place after that.
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