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Watercolour Food

Like me, I am sure that most of you have seen all those ads for skillshare all over the internet.  I’ve also been hearing a lot about them on youtube because they seem to be sponsoring so many of the YouTubers that I watch.  Anyways, I had signed up for the free trial and I tried out some of the watercolor lessons that were available.

I think it was really useful for me to follow along with other artists to learn their approach and techniques to painting.  It’s always good to learn new skills and to expand on the ones that we already have.
Through these few classes I had the chance to paint things that I probably normally never would have even thought to paint.  When I have more time that I can dedicate to classes I may sign up for an entire year of classes.  Right now though spring is just around the corner, along with Ramadaan so I need to spend some time focusing on both those things.

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