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More Pottery

Here are a few more pieces of pottery that I made, this time I tried carving out designs into the clay before firing it.  This first piece is now being used as a pencil holder.
The carving effect didn’t turn out as nicely as I would have liked… so, I will have to try another technique with the glazing when I attempt this again.  You can see only a faint shadow of the henna pattern that I attempted to carve into this piece.  I want the carvings to show up more clearly.
I use this blue piece to hold some of my makeup brushes.  I am going to try and attempt to make larger pieces now because everything that I’ve made so far basically fits in the palm of my hand.


  • Lynne Tilley

    Oh my, your pottery is so lovely! I took a course one summer with my hubby and we enjoyed it so much!! I appreciate every piece I see now because I know how difficult it is, and how satisfying it is when a piece is done!

    • Amm's Art

      Thank you! I agree, I also have a new found appreciation for every piece of had thrown pottery I see now. I never realized it was such a long and precise process until I started taking some classes myself.

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