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Unfinished Items (Pottery)

I didn’t realize there were so many steps involved in making pots until I started making some of my own.  Throwing on the wheel and creating some pieces myself has given me a much deeper appreciation for this art form and admiration for people who do this on a continuous basis.

The three little pots you see below were thrown on the wheel, dried for a few weeks to leather-like hardness before trimming, and then I covered them in a layer of slip before firing them in the kiln.  I will have to glaze these pots and fire them again one last time before they’re finally complete.

For the small pots below I’m trying out a new technique, I’m adding little flowers and leaves which I made using some cute little molds.  You first have to roll out a bit of clay onto the mold and then attach it to the pot using slip.
Once the designs are attached they look like this.
I can’t wait to see how these pieces turn out.


  • Shannon Thomsen

    Im here on Sew mama giveaway day. That leaf mold it very beautiful.. I only just starting fooling with ceramics 🙂

  • Cindy S.

    You do such a wide variety of projects, and seem to be good at all of them. I have trouble walking away from a project in progress and that inhibits me from starting them.

    • Amms' Art

      Thank you, I love trying out different things. I was very much the same with projects before, but I’ve learnt to sometimes step away when something wasn’t working out so that I could come back to it at a later time with a fresh mind which allows me to finish the item to a more satisfactory level. Don’t let that stop you from creating!

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