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Stained Glass Vases

Stained glass painting was something that I got into back in 2002 when my cousin was getting married.  She was getting rid of some of her old things before she was going to move and she gave me five little bottles of stained glass paint.  I think I can still recall the colors…red, green, yellow, blue, and brown.  It only took me one try and I was hooked.  I painted mostly on ceramic tiles, then I moved onto painting plates and finally miniature vases.
Over time I came up with some new techniques to create designs in the clear paint as you can see in the vases.  I also learnt how to faux etch, as well as use glitter in my designs.
I haven’t painted with stained glass paints for quite some time now but I have a bunch of pieces that are now at least a decade old and they’ve held up well over time.
© Ammara Cokar 2014

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