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    DIY Citrus Epsom Salt Body Scrub

    This is the recipe for a beautiful lavender body scrub, I haven't purchased any body scrubs for almost 5 years now because it is so much more customize-able and affordable making them on your own with VERY little effort. You can basically use any type of essential oils that are safe for your skin to make your own variety of scrub.

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    Dresser Makeover

    Another contribution from the one and only Dr. MC.  This time she decided to take an old dresser and refinish it with a coat of bright red paint. You will notice that the paint is nice and thin which allows for the natural pattern of the wood to still show through. This is the completed look. She’s put it in a room and used it to display artwork that she’s created.  I think the little rabbit may have been painted by her husband.  This is a great way to display art or even photographs. I actually bought an old dining set a few years ago with the intention of repainting…