Date Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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Date Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I had a really delicious date grilled cheese sandwich at an Egyptian breakfast place over in Toronto and I fell instantly in love with the combination of two of my favorite foods melted into one gooey sandwich.

This isn’t an exact copy of the sandwich, but it’s my take on it. This really tastes so unexpectedly good and is like having dessert for breakfast. You can switch out the types of cheeses for whatever you have at home.

Date Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Course: Breakfast
Servings: 1


  • 2 Pieces grain bread or milk bread
  • 2 slices Gouda cheese
  • 2 slices Havarti cheese
  • 2 slices Swiss Cheese
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 2 tbsp clarified butter or regular salted butter


  • Heat up a heavy bottomed griddle or pan to medium low and add the butter to it.
  • Take the pits out of the dates, split open, and saute in the butter for a few minutes, turning them to warm up all the sides. Remove from heat.
  • Warm up one side of each bread, flip over and then add then layer on the cheeses and dates.
  • Close the sandwich and warm on both sides until the bread is lightly golden and the cheeses are all fully melted.
  • Remove from heat, cut and then drizzle with some honey.

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