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Mixed Media Button Tree Class

I had another class this past weekend, this time it was a mixed media tree canvas class.  I’d actually love to teach this class again because all the students seemed to be having fun creating these trees and the results reflect that.  I gave general guidelines along with the creative freedom to draw any type of tree you like, and to use any colors you want.
This is the tree that I made, I had created the background prior to the class starting and then I drew the tree and added all the buttons during the class.
A couple that took my class decided to make one look like a sunrise and the other a sunset.  This first one is of a sunrise and it was inspired by the scene in The Loin King where Simba is born and Rafiki is holding him up on the edge of that rock for the whole animal kingdom to see.
This next one is the sunset, this is my personal favorite out of everything that was created on Saturday.  I LOVE the curved tree as well as the fact that the buttons match the background paint color- so, so creative!
This next one is super colorful and it makes me happy just looking at all the colors.
I love all the different materials that were used on this next tree, the student brought metal elements and other trinkets from home which made her tree very unique.
And last but not least is this pretty tissue paper and pearl tree.  It reminds me of Japanese cherry blossoms because of the delicate tissue flowers.
© Ammara Cokar 2014

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