Baby Milestone Cards


Baby milestone cards, 16 double sided cards printed on cream colored cardstock.

Phrases include:
Salaam world, my name is _________
Today I am 1 week old
Today I am 2 weeks old
Today I am 2 weeks old
Today I am 4 weeks old
Today I am 1 month old
Today I am 2-11 months old
Today I am 1 year old
Today I laughed for the first time
Today I got my first tooth
Today I said my first word
Today I took my first step
Today I slept through the night (for the first time)
today I rolled over (for the first time)
Today I sat up by myself
Today I got my first haircut
Today I started to crawl
Today I ate solid food (for the first time)
It’s my first Eid
Oops I drew on the walls today
Oops I peed on Baba today
Oops I made a huge mess today
Oops I pooped in Mama’s lap today



16 double-sided cards
32 Card-faces

65lb cardstock
8.5 x 5.5 inches
215 x 14 cm




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