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    Art Journal- mermaid marker flowers

    This page was made using mermaid markers and a sharpie.  The markers are water based and can be diluted with some water on a paint brush.  I was just playing with the markers to see the colors and this was a quick sketch done while watching some TV.  I think that it’s very important to get some creative time in even if what you make isn’t a masterpiece every single time/ ​© Ammara Cokar 2018

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    Art Journal- Circles

    My art journal has been neglected in the past little while so I’ve been trying to make it a point to give it a little bit more attention.  This is a place where I can freely play with different mediums and just let the creativity flow not worrying at all about what the finished product will look like before I begin.  This page here is just layers and layers of paint that started off by cleaning a wood grain stencil that I had used on another project.  The stencil had a lot of ink spray left on it (I hate wasting supplies) and for that reason, I keep my art…

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    Art Journal- Friday the 13th

    Since it is Friday the 13th, and since I’ve forever loved the horror genre of books, television and film, this page seems fitting.  I’m not really certain as to what I was going for here, I just began by loosely following the wood grain outlines and the colors that I happen to put down had a very scary looking feel about them.  It started off with my wood grain stencil and walnut ink followed by layers of acrylic, pastels, and pens. ​© Ammara Cokar 2018

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    Mermaid Marker Girl

    I got some mermaid markers which are brush tip markers that are filled with dye ink that react to water in the same way that watercolor paints do.  The difference with these are that the colors are very vivid and bold. I tried making little swatches of each color and then dipping a clean brush in water and spreading the color downwards to see how it looks when diluted.  Swatching colors this way creates a great reference page since the colors don’t look exactly the same way that they do on the package.  I like doing this for all the different inks and paints that I have so that I…

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    Art Journal- Messy Flowers

    I tend to try and make a lot of straight almost ridged lines when I paint and I”m trying to loosen up my hand a bit so in keeping with the flowers I so often paint I decided to use some bright craft paints from the dollar store and leave my hand as ‘loose’ as possible.  I tried not to worry about whether or not every bit of a leaf was colored in or if the entire shape was outlined fully and I honestly like the result. This picture is a little more free flowing looking than my usual coloring-book like images and I think I’d like to experiment with…

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    Art Journal- Keep Going

    This page serves as a gentle reminder to myself to keep going with everything that I’m trying to work towards, even if there are sometimes long pauses and periods where I completely lack motivation, or there’s just plain old resistance holding me back.  It’s important to create that routine, make those rituals and repeat them constantly until they become habit.  I know that by putting the effort in, and working towards what I want, it WILL get me to where I need to be.  So, whatever it is that you are working towards…keep going! ​​​​© Ammara Cokar 2017