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    Pencil Crayon Pear

    My cousin gave me some prismacolor pencil crayons a while back and I’ve never really tried to use them. I heard that they’re super blend-able though so I thought I’d give them a shot. I have to say I was quite impressed with the blend-ability, colors, and smoothness of these pencils. I’m not that great at drawing realistic things so I’ve been trying to draw a little more.  Practice is important in order to improve but consistency is also key. © Ammara Cokar 2018

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    Art Journal- mermaid marker flowers

    This page was made using mermaid markers and a sharpie.  The markers are water based and can be diluted with some water on a paint brush.  I was just playing with the markers to see the colors and this was a quick sketch done while watching some TV.  I think that it’s very important to get some creative time in even if what you make isn’t a masterpiece every single time/ ​© Ammara Cokar 2018

  • A pencil drawing of a deer with flowers branching out as it's antlers

    Oh Deer! Drawing in Banff

    I don’t often share my drawings because It’s a skill that I’d like very much to improve upon.  I was in a cafe in Banff a couple weekends ago with a friend enjoying the beautiful mountains around us and just playing in my sketchbook. This idea of the deer with flowers in it’s antlers is not my own (so I cannot take credit for it) I saw the drawing online and decided to do a study of it on my own.  A really great way to develop a skill is to replicate the work of artists that you love, but to remember to use those pieces only for learning purposes…

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    Mermaid Marker Girl

    I got some mermaid markers which are brush tip markers that are filled with dye ink that react to water in the same way that watercolor paints do.  The difference with these are that the colors are very vivid and bold. I tried making little swatches of each color and then dipping a clean brush in water and spreading the color downwards to see how it looks when diluted.  Swatching colors this way creates a great reference page since the colors don’t look exactly the same way that they do on the package.  I like doing this for all the different inks and paints that I have so that I…