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    Negative Space Painting

    YouTube is such an amazing resource for learning just about anything from changing your brake lights to speaking a new language and (of course) learning art techniques as well. These paintings were done using a technique I saw on the @makoccinos channel. The idea of this technique is to start with the lightest color and then keep painting the negative space that’s around the shape you want in an increasingly darker shade. You end with the darkest color and layers and layers of paint underneath which gives the finished painting so much depth. © Ammara Cokar 2019

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    Whimsical Watercolor Owl Study

    I love doing studies of other artist’s works in order to explore different styles and to further develop my own skills.  This was a painting that the Watercolor Misfit (on YouTube) had playing in the background of one of her videos.  I liked the way that this little owl looked so much that I had to try it out for myself.  This image really reminds me of something that would live inside the pages of a children’s story book.   The reason the owl below looks bumpy below is because I’ve covered it in masking fluid.  I’m not sure if it’s the quality of my paper, of the masking fluid,…

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    Handmade Greeting Cards

    I always like making greeting cards by hand, I actually like giving as many personalized things as possible because you can make them to suit the person that you’re giving them to.  It’s something that I’ve done since I was in grade school .  For this first card, I actually used embroidery thread with folded together and trimmed washi tape to make the cute little bunting.  I then pulled out my old embossing label maker and punched out the greeting. This next card was made for a friend’s new home.  I decided to use water-proof pens to draw the cute little house and then colored the image in using water…

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    Watercolor Wildflowers

    Thank God it’s finally spring!  We’ve had an ax extraordinarily long and brutal winter this time around with very few Chinook breaks in-between.  It’s interesting how much my mood seems to automatically lift with the longer hours of sunlight and the cool summer evening breeze.  My dad always plants a lot of flowers at home ever since we were little kids and this is about the time of year that all the seedlings got started indoors and we would start to prep the ground outdoors.  The  front of our house is covered in flowers and the backyard is for all the veggies that he grows.   Here’s a little nod to…